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When a new marketing relationship begins, senior members of the Construction Marketing Inc. team meet with you and your staff to discuss your competitive situation. You will get to know the members of our team who you interact with as the relationship grows and matures.

Working together, we will determine your firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We also explore short- and long-term business goals. By the end of the process we will have captured who you are, what you do and the market dynamics you are experiencing. Most importantly we will determine where exactly it is you want to go.

We believe candor and trust are important components to any relationship. Construction Marketing ensures open dialogue and confidential communication between clients and our team. What is shared with us stays between us, guaranteed.

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Building Product Marketing Analysis

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Based on information we gather, Construction Marketing Inc. will prepare an integrated marketing strategy for your consideration and approval. This strategy includes broad recommendations, milestones and budgetary guidelines prepared specifically for your company. Don’t expect a lot of marketing TLA and doublespeak in our analysis. We provide a document that is understandable, inspiring and points the way to success.

Construction Marketing Inc. believes in making great things happen. That’s probably why so many construction-specific clients hire us when time is precious, opportunity is fleeting, and results matter. We are hired guns that precisely and relentlessly hit the target, activate your customers and allow building product manufacturers like you achieve business objectives.

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Building Product Marketing Planning

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A few weeks after the initial meeting, Construction Marketing Inc. provides a highly detailed plan of the exact marketing activities envisioned to you achieve your objectives. This includes creative work on specific items we have recommended, as well as a detailed timeline and synchronization plan for activities. For each segment of the overall plan, detailed budgets are provided that demonstrate the viability of each item within your overall budget. In most circumstances, Construction Marketing Inc. provides a full one-year plan with broad objectives reaching out much farther into the future.

These activities are open to your feedback and thoughts so that they can be fine-tuned and optimized. Typically, a follow-up meeting is held to go over the finalized plan, smooth over final details and gain your approval for the execution of the overall effort.

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Building Product Marketing Implementation

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At Construction Marketing Inc., we are who we say we are. Our expert staff of marketing professionals uses careful planning, inspired creativity and precise execution to deliver remarkably successful and effective marketing efforts for your building product or tool manufacturing firm.

We believe that a good plan is a flexible one. We encourage a fluid approach to marketing that reinforces success and adopts innovative approaches when faced with challenges. Things sometimes happen while a plan is being carried out that can fundamentally changes the situation and require an adjustment to the plan. A responsive approach always works best.

It is our steadfast belief that your competitor’s market share can and should be represented by a down sloping curve. We will show you how to make that happen.

While there will be interaction on a virtually daily basis, we will hold monthly meetings with your team to discuss milestones, challenges and opportunities.

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