Construction Marketing Inc. is here to serve you. From web and graphic design and marketing strategies to PR, video and photography, our services help the building products industry through first-hand experience working in the highly specialized world of construction. We are a full-service ad agency and marketing firm solely dedicated to the construction industry and the trades. Building products and their manufacturers know how to communicate within their industries. The industry is well established. Construction Marketing Inc. knows how to best use that language to elevate business.

We specifically serve specialty trades including carpentry, insulation, steel work, flooring, painting, plumbing, industrial cleaning, and roofing, so we know how to create a message that resonates loudly among all the marketing noise. Let us show your building materials company how a professional marketing strategy can change everything.

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As experts at helping companies in the building products industry gain competitive market advantage, Construction Marketing Inc. utilizes advancements in digital marketing technology to reach new clients, foster current relationships, and increase sales. From the start, we pay close attention to the business needs of our clients, speaking with them individually to establish a marketing plan of attack.

A solid marketing analysis allows the expert team at Construction Marketing Inc. to evaluate and formulate a market-oriented strategy that best fits you, the building materials client, to a tee. By mastering niche marketing in the construction industry, Construction Marketing Inc.’s experienced team of professionals can helps design materials, create content, and brand your company’s specialized services and products. Our goal is to help provide decision makers and investors make buying decisions through clever marketing strategies and campaigns that make sense and, most importantly, money.

At Construction Marketing Inc., we help clients determine a professional marketing strategy with:

  • Growth strategies
  • Innovation strategies
  • Market segmentation
  • Diversification
  • Intensification

Construction Marketing Inc. knows that without a presence on the Internet, no building materials company can get far in today’s considerably digital business landscape. Our professional web design services offer our construction clients a range of services including; site hosting and design, search engine optimization (SEO), web engineering and development, content creation, Ad Words, blogging, and social media interactivity.

Our skills in marketing and communication design help our construction clients’ websites better reach their target markets. Construction Marketing Inc. designers and copywriters recognize web audience trends, and have worked within all business parameters, including (B2B) business-to-business and consumer-targeted websites such as retail.

Equipped with a talented team of graphic designers, copywriters and web developers, Construction Marketing Inc. can help building product manufacturers and wholesalers and any company in the construction industry with any of their web design needs, including:

  • Website design
  • Website hosting
  • SSL implementation
  • Blogging

Advertising and product branding is the backbone to every successful marketing strategy. Our experienced marketing professionals at Construction Marketing Inc. take that to heart as they compose and create comprehensive advertising and branding campaigns that immediately create an audience and hold its attention.

We love to share our experience. In the highly specialized realm of the construction world, Construction Marketing Inc. has helped trades-specific clients such Stytek and Fast Tilt establish themselves in their own respected industries through strategic marketing plans. These required advertising and branding expertise and advice only Construction Marketing Inc. is best positioned to provide through services including:

  • Branding and brand positioning
  • Corporate image and communication
  • Social media campaigns
  • Online and print ad campaigns
  • Trade show planning and logistics
  • Web and e-newsletter design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Corporate visual identification
  • Product brochures and info cards
  • Print and trade journal ad copy and layout
  • Trade show display design and materials
  • Capabilities brochures
  • Product launches and promotions
  • Print and online advertising
  • Website banner ads
  • YouTube and web videos

Building materials suppliers and manufacturers know that quality, dependable products are keys to success in the construction industry. Construction Marketing Inc. understands this. Our professional portfolio illustrates our own dedication to quality work, as well as our expertise in marketing specifically to contractors and building product suppliers and manufacturers.

We develop marketing programs for specialized product distributors and suppliers who require updated sales and promotional materials, videos, online advertising, and web content. We help our clients build and maintain relationships with distributors in the plumbing, roofing, HVAC and building materials sectors.

Construction Marketing Inc. works closely with each client to analyze and identify the most ideal marketing strategies for a specific building product segment. By designating business objectives and marketing needs from the start, Construction Marketing Inc. helps clients achieve their business goals while meeting the changing trends of the construction industry.

We work directly with product distributors and suppliers to help them design and develop:

  • Dealer website templates
  • Website banner ad templates
  • Co-op marketing program management
  • Dealer product materials
  • Photos, product descriptions and specifications
  • Co-op marketing fraud investigation
  • Dealer web assets
  • Co-op marketing programs

Online advertising and web marketing opportunities continue to be in the forefront of the business world as technology improves through innovation. Construction Marketing Inc. knows the web marketing tools needed for business leaders to stand out in the building materials and supplies industry.

Through the internet’s nearly limitless opportunities, Construction Marketing Inc. conveys strategic promotional marketing messages to consumers via e-mail marketing blasts, search engine and social media marketing, and mobile device and web banner advertising. We help clients build their online marketing campaigns using all the right pieces for the web -- relevant content, custom messaging, and professional logos, artwork, animation design, video and photography.

Our full-service, custom web marketing services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Social media management
  • E-mail blasts
  • Online banner advertising
  • Content Creation

For Construction Marketing Inc., graphic design and the visual arts take center stage. Our talented and highly creative team of skilled designers and artists promptly provide our clients with cohesive, consistent and effective designs. We always advise our clients that the professionalism of a quality logo, website, videos, print and marketing materials, and social media plans are vital to the success of companies operating in the digital age. Especially with so many products out there. We are committed to communicating messages about our clients’ companies and products that people will remember.

For clients like you, we encourage a message of strength and reliability in the building materials industry. Our graphics professionals can promise a polished, branded image that speaks volumes to potential customers. And to the world.

Ultimately, we want the decision-makers, the powers that be, to choose your company and building product because our professionally designed materials and collateral told a story about you through imagery and real-time marketing. That is what sets us apart. At Construction Marketing Inc., we are dynamic and proactive. We work with clients individually to create an impressive business image so stable, it becomes a brand. Construction Marketing Inc. offers a plethora of graphic design services emphasizing the construction industry, such as:

  • Logo design
  • Corporate style and usage guides
  • Web marketing graphics
  • Billboard Design
  • Maganize Advertising Design
  • Product and service sell sheets
  • Corporate identity
  • Packaging and promotions
  • Tradeshow booth graphics
  • Newsletters and e-newsletters
  • Tradeshow display designs
  • Catalog and brochure design
  • Vehicle, equipment and fleet graphics

At Construction Marketing Inc., we help rally the masses to become excited and interested about our clients’ companies and construction-related products. Through strategic public relation (PR) plans, our PR pros communicate compelling marketing messages that compliment today’s business and marketing trends. The key is messaging that is loud and clear, not muffled or confusing. We use Twitter, Facebook, blogs, digital press releases and more to share your message with the world in a timely fashion.

The Construction Marketing Inc. PR team pays close attention to changing trends in the construction and building materials industries. We help serve the public interest and instigate action by sharing information vital to your company and its products. We have inspired business owners to be a part of their own PR plans, by using social media and their own communities to share information and network.

Allow Construction Marketing Inc. to show you how a perfectly planned public relations campaign can change the way we market in the building materials industry using these tools:

  • Press/media relations
  • Digital press release campaign
  • Crisis preparedness and management
  • Event planning and promotions
  • Construction accident and fatality media response
  • Blogging
  • Submitting opinion pieces
  • Social media planning and protocol

High-quality, professionally produced video is a passion for the Construction Marketing Inc. video and audio production department. Using the industry’s top-level photography and video equipment and software, we can collaborate with you, the client, to offer a wide range of jobsite and studio video and audio production services.

Our qualified staff keeps up with the technology of video production and can shoot 4k and HD video production for use on television or web videos, keeping in mind budget and set needs. We have a fully equipped set and can hire professional models for video and photography. From our initial discussion about your video production needs, Construction Marketing Inc. will help you produce a professional promotional piece you will be proud to place on your website and share within your networks.

Our portfolio of video and audio production services shows our range in producing professional-quality work specific to the construction and building materials industries. Our services include:

  • 4k and HD video production
  • Script writing
  • Construction product demonstration and how-to videos
  • Video production and editing
  • Construction project aerial and drone videography
  • Actor and model casting
  • Construction project owner testimonials
  • Audio production and editing
  • Construction site 24/7 live web-cams
  • Message on hold for PBX systems
  • Construction trade organization/association videos
  • Construction capability videos
  • New project visualization videos
  • Construction project videos
  • Audio soundbites
  • Digital shorts

Attractive graphic design and effective messaging are important to your construction industry marketing efforts. That being said, there is a tremendous power in the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” which is why we give photography very special emphasis in our work.

We believe that showing your products to best effect requires innovative and compelling photography. We take great care and pride in the execution of the imagery we use for our client’s products.

At Construction Marketing, we believe that stunning photography is crucial in building a powerful brand for your building products, tools or construction equipment.

We provide the following professional photography services:

  • Product beauty shots.
  • Action shots of products in use.
  • “Explainer” product image sequences for instructions on the web or packaging.
  • Stop motion, time lapse and super slow motion product photos/video.
  • Casting, wardrobe & makeup for models used in product imagery.
  • Access to actual construction projects to show products in use.

Construction Marketing provides expert content creation services to building product companies in the construction industry. We write interesting and keyword rich content that allows your future customers to find and engage with your firm.

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